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A Practical Handbook for Educators

A Practical Handbook for Educators: Designing Learning Opportunities

Liesel Knaack, Vancouver Island University

ISBN 13:

Pub date: May 2011

Courses: Education and for anyone who teaches

This is a practical handbook for educators of all experience levels who are working in a variety of learning environments.

Inside you will find useful suggestions ranging from how to develop course content and choose teaching and learning strategies to aligning your assessment and evaluation methods with your course objectives.

This handbook covers topics such as:

  • making learning accessible
  • building rapport
  • supporting student success
  • honing skills for effective questioning
  • writing well-constructed test questions
  • designing digital and print materials
Designed in an easy-to-access format with chunks of information, visual organizers, short reflective activities and top ten chapter tips, you will find examples and ideas you can use to design learning opportunities for your students.