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A Practical Hanbook for Educators
A Practical Handbook for Educators: Designing Learning Opportunities

Liesel Knaack, Vancouver Island University

ISBN 13:

Pub date: May 2011

Chapter Contents

Book Overview

Section I: Preparing and Planning Your Course
Chapter 1: Understanding Your Course & Students
Chapter 2: Determining Goals & Learning Objectives
Chapter 3: Aligning Assessment & Evaluation
Chapter 4: Developing Course Content & Structure
Chapter 5: Preparing Your Useful Syllabus

Section II: Creating and Designing Learning Opportunities and Experiences
Chapter 6: Making Learning Accessible
Chapter 7: Choosing Teaching & Learning Strategies
Chapter 8: Planning Your Classes
Chapter 9: Starting With a Full First Day
Chapter 10: Building Rapport & Managing the Class

Section III: Refining and Improving Strategies and Resources
Chapter 11: Supporting Student Success
Chapter 12: Honing Skills for Effective Questioning
Chapter 13: Writing Well-Constructed Test Questions
Chapter 14: Designing Digital & Print Materials
Chapter 15: Ending the Last Class on a Strong Note