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Canadian Society: Global Perspectives
Canadian Society
Global Perspectives

Edited by
Timothy P. McCauley and
Janice Hill
York University

ISBN 13:
9781897160305 (softcover)

Pub date: July 2010

About the Authors

Tim McCauley is a Lecturer in Sociology at York University in Toronto. He has taught the subject of Sociology for over fifteen years at various Canadian Universities in Alberta and Ontario. His current publications and research focus on the subjects of capitalism, ethnicity, and social Inequality. He is interested in how the various sociological paradigms and theoretical models examine the nature of capitalism and the ways in which these ideas are then grounded through empirical sociological investigations into areas such as professions and professionalism. His specific theoretical interests flow from the comparative differences between Weberian concepts such as status groups, social closure, and bureaucracy versus Marxist notions of false consciousness, alienation, and division of labor.

Janice Hill teaches at York University in the Sociology department. Areas of interest include: activism, healing and social change, and normativity studies.

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