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The Dancer's Gift
The Dancer's Gift
Sociology in Life

Meredith Kennedy
Marty E. Zusman
Caroline Schacht and
David Knox

ISBN 13:

Pub date: Sept 2010

Courses: Introductory Sociology | Social Issues |

Table of Contents

Chapter One: People Like Us
The Sociological Perspective 1

Chapter Two: Weirdness in the World
Culture 18

Chapter Three: Through the Window
Socialization 36

Chapter Four: The Raindrop
Sex and Gender 49

Chapter Five: Seventeen after Two
Research Methods 62

Chapter Six: Yes We Have No Papayas
Organizations 74

Chapter Seven: Snowflakes
Population and Social Change 94

Chapter Eight: Kingdom of Love
Religion 114

Chapter Nine: The Mahogany Bird
Family 136

Chapter Ten: Writing on the Wall
Race and Ethnicity 172

Chapter Eleven: On the Uncontrolled Growth of Body Hair
Deviance 194

Chapter Twelve: The Dancer’s Gift
Stratification, Social Class, Economy 210

Epilogue: The Snow Dancer
New York City, Six Years Later 225

Index 243

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