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Russian Transnational Entrepreneurs

Russian Transnational Entrepreneurs

Ethnicity, Class and Capital

By Alexander Shvarts

ISBN 13:
9781897160381 (softcover)
Pub date: July 2010

Courses: Cultural Studies | Sociology | Ethnicity and Diaspora | Nationalism and Identity | Migration and Transnationalism | Entrepreneurship | Qualitative Methodology |

How did immigrants who grew up in a state-controlled communist system learn to become so adept at starting businesses in the North American market economy?

Follow the emergence of successful cosmopolitan entrepreneurs after the collapse of the former Soviet Union. Through an analysis of interview data and biographies of entrepreneurship, Dr. Shvarts uncovers five diverse paths to self-employment for Russian immigrants that are shaped by transitional economy, ethnic and class dimensions of entrepreneurship, and transnationalism.


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