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Work, Occupations and Professionalization

Edited by

Stephen E. Bosanac and Merle Jacobs, York University

ISBN 13:
9781897160404 (softcover)
Pub date: Nov 2010
Pages: 318

Courses: Sociology of Work, Occupations, Industry |
Race, Class, Gender | Labor Studies |

Work is increasingly dependant upon credentialism, special skills, experience, and education. Regulatory bodies set standards of professionalism, employment, and practice that are officially recognized in laws, regulations, and policies. This book contributes to the overall question of the professionalization of work through detailed theoretical analysis and qualitative research techniques. Readers will explore how race, gender, and class intersect with ones profession and how inequality is situated in the work space.

This book is ideal for courses on the sociology of work, occupations, professionalization, and industry. Each chapter opens with a set of learning objectives that will assist the reader in focusing attention on key issues.


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