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About de Sitter Publications

Founded in 1993, de Sitter Publications specializes in publishing international, scholarly books and customized course content for the social sciences. We work through our extensive networks and partnerships that reach teachers, students, institutes, and libraries across the global community.

de Sitter recently entered into a partnership with NorthRose Associates to provide professional sales representation and market developmentin the Canadian market place.

We have also signed on with ISBS.COM to promote and distribute our books to the US market.

Our vision as a provider of scholarly, educational resources is inspired by the legacy of my Great Grandfather Willem de Sitter, Dutch mathematician, physicist and astronomer. de Sitter is known for his contributions to the field of physical cosmology. He co-authored a paper with Albert Einstein in 1932 in which they argued that there might be large amounts of matter which do not emit light, now commonly referred to as dark matter. He also came up with the concept of the de Sitter space and de Sitter universe, a solution for Einstein's general relativity in which there is no matter and a positive cosmological constant. This results in an exponentially expanding, empty universe.

Our vision carries forward de Sitter's scholarly legacy. We actively explore new research and publish to the highest international standards. Our easy-to-navigate website aids access to our various timely and professionally reviewed books. de Sitter takes every opportunity to distribute and provide maximum exposure to your work via mailings, conferences, exhibitions, electronic catalogs, and professional associations.

We look forward to partnering with you and welcome your comments and suggestions!


Shivu Ishwaran, Publisher



Einstein and the astronomer Willem de Sitter in 1932 discussing equations.