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Adult Corrections in Canada
Adult Corrections in Canada

Edited by John Winterdyk and Michael Weinrath

ISBN 13:
978-1-897160-60-2 (softcover)
Pub date: Feb 2013
Pages: 434

Courses: Introduction to Corrections| Criminal Justice |

Adult Corrections in Canada is designed to meet the needs of introductory courses in criminology, criminal justice, and police foundations.

Written by leading educators and practitioners, inside you will find a comprehensive overview of adult correction that traces the historical roots of Canadian corrections to its current expression. Like all areas of the criminal justice system, corrections is constantly evolving and is influenced by economic, political, and social events. The authors contextualize these elements with key research and challenge us to examine the pros and cons of some of the classic debates in corrections, such as the use of custody versus community alternatives.


Designed in an easy-to-access format to support learning and instruction, the 16 chapters in this book feature:

  • box inserts that enhance key concepts
  • helpful weblinks for further reading and inquiry
  • review and discussion questions
  • key terms and concepts
  • in depth coverage of the most recent statistics and correctional initiatives in Canada
  • engaging writting style places corrections in a wider context of social forces
  • focus on special populations across all the chapters
  • test bank for instructors
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