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Ethnicity, Ethnic Conflicts, Peace Processes: Comparative Perspectives

Edited by Edward A. Tiryakian

ISBN 10: 1-897160-08-9
ISBN 13: 978-1897160084
Pub date: 2005
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 185

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This volume addresses a set of problems that have retained global salience after the demise of the Soviet world. They are problems related to the cohesion and integration of nation-states having multiple ethnic groups competing for national identity and scarce resources. In some instances, fragile peace processes have or are taking place, with uncertain outcomes. What are the factors involved in the dynamics of these changes?

Scholars from a broad range of disciplines examine relevant issues of race, ethnicity, ethnic tensions, and nationalism, in a wide variety of settings from South Africa and Indonesia to the Crimea.


David Brown, Pierre du Toit, Stephen Fenton, Lynn Hempel, Karyna Korostelina, John Rex, Carol Schmid, Arta Snipe, Edward A. Tiryakian, Brigita Zepa

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