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Ethnicity, Ethnic Conflicts, Peace Processes: Comparative Perspectives

Edited by Edward A. Tiryakian

ISBN 10: 1-897160-08-9
ISBN 13: 978-1897160084
Pub date: 2005
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 185

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About the Authors

Comparative Perspectives on Ethnicity and Ethnic Conflicts
Edward A. Tiryakian

Chapter 1
Empire, Race, and Ethnicity
John Rex

Chapter 2
Beyond Ethnicity: The Global Comparative Analysis
of Ethnic Conflict
Steve Fenton

Chapter 3
“Parity of Esteem”: A Conceptual Framework for Assessing
Peace Processes, with a South African Case Study
Pierre du Toit

Chapter 4
The Impact of National Identity on Conflict Behavior:
Comparative Analysis of Two Ethnic Minorities in Crimea
Karina Korostelina

Chapter 5
Language Policy and Ethnic Tensions in Quebec and Latvia
Carol Schmid, Brigita Zepa, and Arta Snipe

Chapter 6
What’s It Worth to You? The Questionable Value of
Instrumentalist Approaches to Ethnic Identification
Lynn Hempel

Chapter 7
Why Independence? The Instrumental and Ideological
Dimensions of Nationalism
David Brown