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Forms of ExclusionForms of Exclusion
Racism and Community Policing in Canada

By David Baker

ISBN 10: 1-897160-21-6
ISBN 13: 9781897160213
Pub date: 2006
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 129

Courses: Criminal Justice| Policing | Criminology | Sociology | Social Justice| Social Issues |Racism and Inequality |

What roles do racism, law, and crime play in community policing? Community policing as a social activity is contextualized culturally, mediated politically, and articulated in an exclusionary form. Exclusion plays an integral role in State's quest for legitimacy and in criminalizing racial groups. Law plays a central role in the reproduction and legitimation of forms of exclusion. The question of how racism persists is explained in terms of the power to criminalize through the discourse of community policing.

Students and teachers of criminology, sociology, law, policy makers and criminal justice professionals can apply this book to the problems of racial injustice in society.


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