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Political Analysis of Deviance, 3e
Political Analysis of Deviance
3rd Edition

Edited by Pat L. Lauderdale

ISBN 13: 9781897160558
Pub date: Jan 2011

Courses: Politics | Deviance | Political Sociology | Social Justice |

Pat Lauderdale, Ph.D. in Sociology, Stanford University, is a Professor of Justice Studies and Adjunct Professor of Law at Arizona State University. He continues to pursue a research agenda on politics, law, diversity, and nature. He explores the thematic threads of the alternative ways in which marginalized people struggle with dominant concepts of justice and injustice; how such people have fared in utilizing various means to attain justice; and the role of hegemony surrounding class, race, ethnicity, age, and gender in shaping conceptions of what is just or unjust. He is author or coauthor of numerous books, including Lives in the Balance: Perspectives on Global Injustice and Inequality, Terrorism: A New Testament, Theory and Methodology of World Development, The Struggle for Control: A Study of Law, Disputes and Deviance, and Law and Society, Japanese translated version (Setsuo Miyazawa).

“This is an important collection of papers, in some ways even more vital now than when they were first written. The study of "deviant" forms of behavior is the study of the political and the ideological, and the scholars whose work has been gathered here understand that truth as well as anyone anywhere.”

–Kai Erikson Department of Sociology Yale University

“Understanding the power relationships involved in the construction of crime and law is a crucially important area. This superb book is at the cutting edge of research into this intriguing and puzzling field. Presenting a thoughtful, meticulous, reliable and fresh look at politics and deviance Pat Lauderdale's excellent and thoughtful book provides a pillar of persuasive scholarship for any researcher wishing to delve into this fascinating area and understand how power and politics play a part in the construction of deviance.”

–Nachman Ben-Yehuda Hebrew University


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