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Policing & Preventing Terrorism
Policing & Preventing Terrorism around the Globe

Edited by Shlomo G. Shoman and Joshua D. Freilich

ISBN 13:
978-1-897160-49-7 (hardcover)
Pub date: April 2013
Pages: 184

Subjects: Terrorism | Criminal Justice | Policing and Crime Prevention | Criminology |

This invaluable resource is written by leading international experts of policing and preventing terrorism. The authors provide us with an in-depth analysis of the dilemmas, challenges and solutions faced by police departments and law enforcement bodies in their efforts to counter local and global terrorism.


Introduction by Boaz Ganor 1
Chapter 1 [ABSTRACT] Female Perpetrators of Palestinian Terrorist Attacks with a Special Reference to Their Socio-Cultural Position: An Exploratory Empirical Examination
Anat Berko and Yuval Wolf 5
Chapter 2 [ABSTRACT] The Concept of Social Equilibrium and its Application to Policing Terrorism in the United States
Carl Jensen and Andrew Bringuel 19
Chapter 3 [ABSTRACT] Policing Terrorism in Colombia
Desmond Arias and Gipsy Escobar 39
Chapter 4 [ABSTRACT] Dynamics of Terrorism in Turkey
Bilal Sevinc, Edmund F. McGarrell
and Steve Chermak 61
Chapter 5 [ABSTRACT] Threat from and Policing against Global Salafi Terrorism in the Republic of Korea: A Story from the Eastern Front
Minwoo Yun 95
Chapter 6 [ABSTRACT] Policing Terrorism in Malta
Trevor Calafato 117
Chapter 7 [ABSTRACT] Post-9/11 U.S. Airport Security Changes and Displacement
Henda Y. Hsu 139
Chapter 8 [ABSTRACT] Situational Crime Prevention Applied to Ricin and Bioterrorism
Hassan Naqvi 161

Israel Studies in Criminology book series is founded by Shlomo G Shoham. This book series has delivered Israeli criminology to the English-speaking world since 1970.

Endorsed by the Israeli Society of Criminology

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