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Power and Empowerment


Defining power
How is power constructed?
Dimensions of power
Realms of power
Forms of power
Faces of power
The Power Cube
Sources of power
Representations, modes and sites of power
What is Powerlessness?
What is Empowerment?

Why do social workers need to develop their understanding of power and empowerment?
Power and social work
Contemporary practice and policy development
Social work is built on empowerment
Social workers work with people who are disempowered
Safeguarding and empowerment
The benefits of empowerment
Why do social workers find empowerment challenging?
Managerialist approaches
Resource limitations
Lack of understanding of power and empowerment
Denial of power

Empowerment: aspiration or reality?
Micro, meso or macro?
Understanding the construction of power
Owning power
Using power responsibly
Seeing service users as experts
Listening and hearing
Information and empowerment
Enabling and facilitating learning
Facilitating user involvement
Making connections: collective action
Personalisation and empowerment
The dignity of risk
Critically reflective practice

Siobhan Maclean is a registered social worker with a passion for practice education. Siobhan has written a number of publications for social workers and students including the immensely popular “Theory and Practice”. She is committed to making the knowledge base accessible for busy practitioners.

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Call for Authors

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