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Human Services Guide to Reflective Practice

Human Services Pocket Guide to Reflective Practice

ISBN 978-1-897160-73-2
Pub date: July 30, 2012
Pages: 134

By Siobhan Maclean (Kirwin Maclean Associates Ltd)

Co-published by de Sitter Publications for distribution in Canada and globally to libraries and library systems.

Pocket Guides are designed to help busy practitioners to get to the bottom of the What? Why? and How? of the chosen subject.

The Human Services Pocket Guide to Reflective Practice summarizes theory and research in an accessible way and offers practical suggestions for skill development.

Reflective practice is a key component of human services practice. This Guide explores what is meant by reflective practice and why it is important in human services. Recognizing the need for studetns and practitioners to both develop their skills in reflective practice and to produce critically reflective assignments, a range of tips and guidelines are provided for the reader.

Siobhan Maclean is passionate about practice education. Siobhan has written a number of publications for human services professionals and students including the immensely popular “Theory and Practice”.

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