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Rooftop Societies
Rooftop Societies

By Fereydoon Rahmani

ISBN 13:
9781897160954 (softcover)
Pub date: Feb 2020
Pages: 196

Courses: Middle Eastern Studies| Socio-political Studies|




CHAPTER 1: The Middle East: A Rooftop Society
I. Rooftop Societies: Paradoxical Components
II. A “Rooftop Revolution”
III. Roots of the Middle Eastern Socio-political Paradoxes
IV. State and Society Antagonism
V. Modernity Versus Tradition: Modernism Collapsed in Religion, Tradition and Militarism
VI. Intellectuals’ Antagonistic Stances on Modernity
VII. The Dilemma of Double Standards and Dualistic Journalism
CHAPTER 2: The Middle Eastern Militarism
I. The Middle East Perpetual Longing Towards Militarization
II. Militarism and Regimes’ Legitimacy and Democratization Process
CHAPTER 3: The Middle Eastern Genocide
I. Genocide: A Multilayer Concept
II. Devastating Centuries of Ethno-religious Massacre and Genocide
III. Political Discrimination and Violence Suppression
CHAPTER 4: Sharia Law, Human Rights & Democracy
I. Sharia Law and Human Rights
II. Compatibility of Islam and Democracy
III. Human Rights Violation Against Indigenous Minorities: Kurds
CHAPTER 5: Rudiments of Quality of Life Research for the Middle East & Sensitive Communities
I. Introduction
II. Definitions, Conceptualization and Theories of Social Indicators of Quality of Life
III. Historical Background of Social Indicators Movement
IV. Doxography and Philosophical Origins of Quality of Life Studies
V. Modern Developments and Approaches in Quality of Life Research
VI. Limitations of Quality of Life Research in the Middle East and Sensitive Societies
VII. Suggestions for Implementing QOL Research in the Middle East and Developing Societies
VIII. Conclusion


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