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Rural Policing in Canada
Policing Rural Canada

Written by Rick Ruddell, University of Regina

ISBN 13:
978-1-897160-85-5 (softcover)
Pub date: Feb 2016

Courses: Introduction to Policing| Criminal Justice |

Introduction: Policing Rural Canada

Chapter 1: Rural Crime

Chapter 2: A Short History of Rural and Small-town                     Policing

Chapter 3: An Overview of Canadian Policing

Chapter 4: Policing Rural Communities

Chapter 5: Confronting Traditional Models of Policing

Chapter 6: Aboriginal Policing

Chapter 7: Boomtown Policing

Chapter 8: The Thin Green Line: Protecting Canada's                      Natural Resources

Chapter 9: Supporting the Police on the Borders, in the                      Artic, and along the Coasts

Chapter 10: Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Chapter 11: The Future of Rural and Small-Town Policing



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