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The Dancer's Gift

The Dancer's Gift: Sociology in Life
Kennedy, Zusman, Schacht and Knox

•  more sociology books

Diversity, Inequality and Canadian Justice
Diversity, Inequality and Canadian Justice
By Douglas E. King and John Winterdyk

•  more crime, law, deviance books
A Practical Handbook for Educators

A Practical Handbook for Educators: Designing Learning Opportunities
By Liesel Knaack
•  more books on education and learning

Wisdom for Parents
Wisdom for Parents: Key Ideas from Parent Educators
Edited by Robert E. Keim and Arminta L. Jacobson

•  more social work & family books
A Political Analysis of Deviance, 3e
A Political Analysis of Deviance, 3rd Edition
Edited by Pat Lauderdale

•  more political science books
Jojo: The Healing Dialogue
Shlomo G. Shoham

•  more human behavior books
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