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Sherpa in My Backpack

Sherpa in My Backpack

A Guide to International Social Work Practicum Exchanges and Study Abroad Programs

By Karen Schwartz, Linda Kreitzer, Constance A. Barlow, and Laurie Macdonald

ISBN 13: 978-1-897160-84-8

Pub date: May 2014

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Courses: Social Work | Human Services

Sherpa in My Backpack guides undergraduate and
graduate students through the difficult terrain of
international exchanges and study abroad programs. It also enables faculty to be better academic Sherpas who help guide students through this process.

The primary data source for this study was a
Canadian/EU social work exchange funded by HRSDC
and Eurasmus between four cities in Canada (Calgary,
Kelowna, Montreal, and Ottawa) and four countries in the
EU (Austria, Belgium, Finland, and Poland).

This practical guide is divided into eight chapters.
Each chapter represents a stage in the process of
organizing international field placements. Each chapter
starts with a brief introduction and ends with reflective
questions. Numerous stories from students are included to give a hands-on perspective.

About the Authors
As social work academics, the authors have organized
and supervised international social work internships
for much of their careers and have witnessed the
transformative nature of these exchanges. They came
together to share these stories with you in the hope
that it will enhance your international experience.


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