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Social Diversity in Contemporary Canada

Edited by Jacinta Goveas

ISBN 13: 978-1-897160-83-1

Pub date: Jan 2014

Courses: Human Service Programs covering issues of diversity and difference

Call for Chapters

Authors are invited to critically examine the concept of diversity and difference. Grounded within an anti-oppression practice framework, this critical examination of diversity and difference enables students in Human Services to better understand the roots and manifestations of prejudice and discrimination, violence against women, children and the elderly.
Authors are encouraged to discuss the causal factors and implications and the impact on marginalized populations, such as racialized peoples, older adults, immigrants and refugees, people with disabilities, LGBTTTIQQ communities and Aboriginal Peoples.


Section 1: Introduction/Background

1. Introduction to Social Diversity
2. Exploring Self and Diversity

Section 2: Theoretical Foundation

3. The Creation of Difference
4. The Ever-changing Face of Canada
5. The Media in a Culturally Diverse Society
6. Specific Approaches to Social Work

Section 3: Working With Marginalized Groups in Egalitarian Canada

7 Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
8. Older Adults Aging in Canada
9. Citizens or ‘Aliens’? Immigrants and Refugees within the Canadian Ethno-cultural Mosaic
10. Sexual Orientation
11. People with Disabilities
12. Connecting the Dots – Conclusion


Designed in an easy-to-access format to support learning and instruction, this book feature:

• critical thinking questions
• hands on exercises
• engaging case studies
• key terms and concepts
• an engaging writting style that integrates theory and practice

Submission Guidelines
If you are interested in submitting a chapter, please contact Jacinta Goveaves at

Jacinta Goveas is a Professor in the SSW program at Sheridan College.

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