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Making the Most of Your Field Placement Theory & Practice

New line of Human Services book for students and practitioners

de Sitter is proud to announce our new line of resources for Social Service Worker and Human Services programs in Canada. As a small, independently-owned publisher we welcome regional differences, special program needs, and niche subject areas. We specialize in providing Canadian content that is so desperately needed in many courses and programs and by practitioners across Canada.

de Sitter signs co-publishing agreement with KMA

de Sitter recently signed a co-publishing agreement with Siobhan Maclean, author and CEO of Kirwin Maclean Associates Ltd.

de Sitter is now co-publishing several of KMA's popular Pocket Guide books for Social Service Workers. They are designed to help busy practitioners to get to the bottom of What? Why? and How?

We at de Sitter are busy Canadianizing several of Siobhan's foundational books including Theory and Practice, 1st CDN Edition (just released) and Making the Most of Your Practice Learning Opportunities, 1st CDN Edition (forthcoming).

Call for Authors

Call for Authors

We welcome your book proposals and ideas to help fill the gaps across the curriculum, and to provide front-line workers with current and practical resources.

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