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Poverty, Growth, and Saftey Nets
Edited by Anil Deolalikar
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Russian Transnational Entrepreneurs: Ethnicity, Class and Capital
Alexander Shvarts
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Terrorism and the International Community
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Terrorism a New Testament
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The Cappuccino Principle:
Health, Culture, and Social Justice in the Workplace
By Merle Jacobs
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Through the Eyes of Women: Gender, Social Networks, Family, and Structural Change in Latin America and the Caribbean
Edited by Edited By Cecilia Menjivar
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Tradition and Innovation in Crime and Justice
Edited by Shlomo G. Shoham and Paul Knepper
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Transnational Crime
Edited by Jay Albanese
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Unfolding State: The Transformation of Bangladesh
By Ali Riaz
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Work, Occupations, and Professionalization
Edited by Stephen E. Bosanac and Merle Jacobs
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