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The Cappuccino Principle:

Health, Culture, and Social Justice in the Workplace

By Merle Jacobs
York University

ISBN 10: 1897160267
ISBN 13: 9781897160268
Pub date: Nov 2006
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 260

a wonderfully broad panorama of the field of nursing studies. It challenges the increasingly prevalent liberal and multicultural rhetoric regarding race, gender and equality in the workplace.
~L.A. Visano. Professor, York University

Jacobs combines her academic training and professional experience to expose racialization as a lived experience in the workplace.
~ Hira Singh. Associate Professor, York University

Dr. Jacobs speaks to the academic, institutional, and societal issues associated with the need for social justice in the workplace. The book provides scholars, healthcare workers, nursing organisations, and institutions in general, with an insider's view of racial domination, marginalization, exclusion, 'problematization', containment, and other modes of unacknowledged conflict that are the hallmarks of the cappuccino principle. She provides a valuable analysis of the attempts at 'professionalising' nursing, the struggle for collegiality, and the cultural hegemony of the workplace.

~Dr. Merle Jacobs teaches Sociology at York University
and has been an R.N. in hospitals in Toronto.

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