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Theory Informed Practice


What is theory?
What is theoretical?
What is theorising?
My Eureka moment!
What does a theory do?
Formal and Informal theory
Theory and models
Theories of and theories for social work

Why is theory informed practice important?
Mapping practice
Promoting confidence
Why do people find theory informed practice problematic?
The way theory is taught
Language in social work theory
Fear and anxiety
Managerialist approaches to social work
Desire for certainty
Why should practitioners theorise?
Co-production of the social work knowledge base
Professionalising social work
'Bogged down' by theory?

Theory and Practice: The Relationship
Theory Informed Practice: Wider Relationships
Evidence Based Practice
Reflective Practice
Knowledge and Social Work
Anti-oppressive Practice
Surface and Deep Approaches
Techniques and Exercises for developing theory informed practice
Using Supervision
Tips from Students
Meeting the challenges of theory informed writing
Seeing the journey as continual
Putting it all together

Siobhan Maclean is a registered social worker with a passion for practice education. Siobhan has written a number of publications for social workers and students including the immensely popular “Theory and Practice”. She is committed to making the knowledge base accessible for busy practitioners.

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Call for Authors

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