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Unsettled Settlers

Unsettled Settlers:
Barriers to Integration

Edited by Soheila Pashang

ISBN 13: 978-1-897160-68-8

Pub date: Jan 2012

Courses: Social Work | Immigration and Migration
Studies | Refugess Studies

“Finally, here is a book that speaks to the particular Canadian experience of the multifaceted process of migration.”

~ Dr. Joan Simalchik Department of Historical Studies University of Toronto

Unsettled Settlers blends theory and practice to prepare social service workers for front-line work with immigrants and refugees. Each chapter offers strategies for practical intervention required for front-line practitioners. Reflective questions and case studies are peppered throughout the book to engage and immerse the reader in the lived realities of immigrants, refugees, non-status and racialized persons. The multiplicity of their stories reveals how deeply their lives are interwoven in government laws, policies, and organizational practices in Canada.

About the Editor

Soheila Pashang is a Professor and Co-ordinator at Seneca College, Social Service Worker – Immigrant and Refugee program. For the past two decades, Soheila has worked with various organizations serving immigrants and refugees, and she is recognized for her dedication to front-line work


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