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Wisdom for Parents
Wisdom for Parents
Key Ideas from Parent Educators

Edited by Robert E. Keim, Ph.D., CFLE and
Arminta L. Jacobson, Ph.D., CFLE

ISBN 13 9781897160572
Pub date: February 2011
Pages: 286

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Courses: Parenting| Social Work | Family Studies| Human Relations

About the Editors

Robert E. Keim, Ph.D. (Florida State University), CFLE Emeritus & Professor Emeritus, Northern Illinois University (NIU), taught at NIU for 28 years, while teaching a course on parent education for 21 years. Earlier careers included an accounting degree and becoming a C.P.A., receiving a M.Div. from the Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, which included two full-time clinical internships: one at a large state mental hospital and one at a youth authority reception and evaluation center. He served briefly in California churches before seeking his doctorate in family science. He has been a student of the human behavior field for about 60 years and joined the National Council on Family Relations in 1966. During this time he also led various programs for couples and parents in over 100 settings and was certified in five evidenced-based parenting and family life related programs. He was Editor of the Family Science Review from 1993-1996 and has written numerous articles on family related issues and professional development. He has given over 200 professional and public presentations on parenting and family issues.

Arminta L. Jacobson, Ph.D. (Texas Woman’s University), CFLE, CFCS, is a Professor at the University of North Texas and is the founder and director of the Center for Parent Education. She has directed an annual national, now international, conference on parent education since 1992. She has been a long-time member of the National Council on Family Relations and President of the Texas Council on Family Relations. Her areas of teaching, writing, and research include parent education and parent involvement in education. She is the co-author of the Parent Teacher Education Connection, composed of online parent involvement teacher training modules.

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